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Derivation for hydrocephalus sphera duo
Derivation for hydrocephalus sphera duo
Sphera Duo valves are designed for precise control of intraventricular cerebral pressure. Adult and child sizes feature a low-profile implant design and a flexible body with an anatomical shape that follows the curvature of the skull. They are made of medical grade transparent silicone with an internal polysulfone structure. They have a pumpable central reservoir with a rigid base to protect against perforations in the puncture and CSF collection procedures. The neonatal size does not have a pumping chamber, as its design prioritizes the minimum implant profile and volume. The system, when assembled with a reservoir coupled to the ventricular catheter, enables the puncture and collection of CSF.



The operating mechanism is composed of a ball and conical seat made of ruby ??and a stainless steel spring. The perfect fit between ball and seat allows you to safely define the opening and closing pressures of the system, providing precision in the control of intracranial pressure. Adult and child sizes feature dual pressure control system housed in inlet and outlet connectors. The Neonatal model houses only one pressure control mechanism. All sizes come in four pressure ranges: high, medium, low and extra-low to meet individual patient needs. The flow and pressure indications printed on the valve body are radiopaque and allow visualization in imaging exams after implantation.
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