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Sphera pro
Sphera pro
Sphera Pro is a cerebral bypass system for intraventricular pressure control with a programmable valve. The product was developed to provide PRECISION in pressure control, SAFETY against deprogramming and EASE in pressure adjustment. The valve has 08 different pressures, and pressure adjustment can be performed whenever necessary by a non-invasive and painless magnetic device to the patient . Security against deprogramming due to the actuation of external magnetic fields is provided by an exclusive double locking system, which maintains the valve at the chosen pressure even when the patient is submitted to MR exams of up to 3 teslas. The Sphera Pro system can be supplied in together with the Sphera Grav antigravity device, which acts to control intraventricular pressure when the patient changes from horizontal to vertical position, preventing overdrainage, especially in patients with Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus (HPN). The valve and the reservoir are made of polysulfone with silicone coating and titanium connectors. The system's ventricular and peritoneal catheter are made of transparent silicone with a radiopaque thread, which allows visualization in imaging exams and minimizes the occurrence of calcification in its path.
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