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Thermal cap
Thermal cap
Hypothermia can lead to complications for newborns due to loss of heat at birth as they are wet.


Prevention of hypothermia in the newborn The following procedure is to dry the newborn to prevent heat loss by evaporation.

Immediately after birth, the baby should be dried with warm clothing and a thermal BAG that covers up to the ears, to prevent heat loss through the top of the head at the same time.

which is placed on the mother's abdomen or arms.


The baby is examined and the airway is made sure that it is clear.

It is important to maintain the newborn's body temperature; babies who are born in places with a low temperature can suffer from low temperatures and consequently metabolic problems.
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Telemetry support
Telemetry support
This product is used to facilitate transport and protect any telemetry device.

It has a Velcro safety closure to allow quick access to the device while preventing falls that could damage it.

The material used in its manufacture is a mixture of textiles welded by ultrasound, with a pleasant touch, breathable and resistant to friction, protecting and avoiding possible splashes that could affect the equipment.

Easy to put on and very ergonomic, it can be placed discreetly under clothing.

Breathable and washable in the cold.
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