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Optical Laryngoscope
Optical Laryngoscope
Advanced optical and electronic technologies provide a clear view during insertion.

With a 92º shape, it doesn't need to combine the oral axis as the pharyngeal axis and the laryngeal axis, reducing the necessary force.

Designed blade design removes the need for a stylet, reduces intubation time, saves costs with the use of stylets.

Two viewing options.
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Variant Reference Unit./Box Qty./Box
TL-65R-II 10 Add +
Disposable Blade
Disposable Blade
Economical disposable eyepieces and blades:

- 92º channel simplifies intubation, minimizes hyperextension and reduces the required force;

- Waterproof blade, fully protects the core from contact with the patient, the core does not need to be sterilized;

- The raised eyepiece prevents close contact with patients;

- Quick and easy assembly with the core;

- Single use blade, without risk of cross contamination.
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Variant Reference Unit./Box Qty./Box
TL-602-II 20 Add +
5.5-6.5mm TL-602-III 20 Add +
7.0-8.0mm TL-602-IV 20 Add +
TL-602-N1 20 Add +
6.5-9.5mm TL-602-N2 20 Add +
8.5-9.5mm TL-602-V 20 Add +
Laryngoscope Viewer
Laryngoscope Viewer
Suitable for all TL series laryngoscopes.

Wi-Fi connection to control the receiver.

Full high definition.

The display screen can be tilted up and down 135 degrees.

Support photo and video recording function.

3-inch display screen.
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Variant Reference Unit./Box Qty./Box
TL-100V-II 10 Add +
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