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WHO analyzes possible cases of infection by Covid-19 from animal to man

The World Health Organization (WHO) admits that at least three infections by Covid-19 in the Netherlands may be the first known cases of transmission of the new coronavirus from animals to man, with the animal Visons as the source of the infection.

After the announcement of a first case last week, the Dutch authorities considered it "very likely" that a second worker from a mink farm in the Netherlands contracted the virus from the current pandemic through these small mammals.
WHO said it was in contact with the Dutch investigators who are working on the case, also stating that, "so far, there may be at least three cases".
"These would be the first known cases of transmission of the animal to man," said the organism in response to AFP.

WHO also added that it continues to "collect and examine other data to understand whether animals, and pets, can spread the disease".

Fonte: Agência Lusa
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