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The new Laryngeal Mask with Video

PMH brings the exclusive VisionMask, the First Laryngeal Mask with Continuous Vision Patented in the World, developed by Dr. Pedro Acha, a recognized research doctor in anesthesia, creator of AIRTRAQ and Totaltrack VLM.

Normalmente, as Máscaras Laríngeas são indicadas para ajudar pacientes a respirar sob condições de anestesia, estabelecendo-se uma via respiratória não fixa de curto prazo, combinado com o uso de um ventilador de anestesia, infelizmente, este ato é realizado “às cegas”, impossibilitando a boa colocação da Máscara Laríngea, provocando possíveis ferimentos na laringe, mas, agora com a VisionMask tudo mudou!

Because our Laryngeal Mask is ideal!
- It is easy to apply, has few parts and is easy to assemble.
- It is easy to use, is inclusive for an unfamiliar user and does not require learning new skills.
- It has a Reliable effect, with no failure modes in normal use.
- It's economical.


The Characteristics of the Laryngeal Mask:


- It has 5 accesses.

- Excellent Continuous Vision.

- Possibility of endotracheal intubation.

- Possibility of performing gastric aspiration maneuvers.

- Unidirectional valve with two anti-return and anti-secretion membranes.

- Assisted ventilation or in CPAP mode (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure with conventional flow meter - 8l/min).


The 5 attacks of the Laryngeal Mask:


1 - Channel pressure control with manometer.

2 - Minicam channel.

3 - Ventilation channel, intubation, fiberscope, suction.

4 - Gastric channel.

5 - Ventilation outlet for the CPAP system.

Continuous Good Vision:


- Helps with the visual introduction of the fiberscope.

- Solution for correct positioning in the larynx.

- Helps recognize secretions and visually guided aspiration.

- Diagnosis of ventilation problems with laryngeal mask airway.

- Help in a visual rescue intubation with or without Bougie.

- Reusable HD video pen in a dedicated closed channel.

- Reusable 3-inch and 7-inch monitors with image/video recording.

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