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Researchers discover protein associated with vascular aging

Heat, an indecent amount of hours standing, a poor diet. There are many causes for the feeling of tired legs and, although our lifestyle often does not allow us to take care of ourselves as much as we would like, we can always try to add small habits to our routine. The following advice is posted on abc.
Seven basic tips to avoid feeling tired legs:

1. Rest with your legs high (above your heart) two or three times a day, and avoid crossing them when sitting.
2. Sleep with your legs elevated and you can place them on pillows.
3. Adopt a low-calorie, high-fiber diet to avoid being overweight and constipated.
4. Do exercises that encourage leg mobility, such as walking on your heels.
5. Avoid spending too much time in the sun or near heat sources.
6. Choose comfortable, better closed shoes and avoid high heels.
7. Do not wear tight clothing to encourage the skin to perspire.
August 2020 in Jornal O Público
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