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Do you know the difference between dermocosmetics and cosmetics?


With the immense variety of skin care products available on the market, it becomes difficult to know whether the products you have at home are cosmetic or dermocosmetic. If you've never heard of this term, it's time to know exactly what you're using to care for your skin and your baby's skin, to make it soft, hydrated and especially healthier and protected from external agents.

What are dermocosmetics?
Dermocosmetics are products that have pharmacological active composition, composed of therapeutic activities, which approach dermatological drugs of topical use. That is, they are products that go beyond the epidermis, with actives that reach the deepest layers of the skin and that bring better results, acting from the inside out. While dermocosmetics produce physiological changes, causing changes in the skin, traditional cosmetics work with instant action. Thus improving the momentary appearance, but do not act in the real causes of these problems.

Benefits of dermocosmetics
In practice, these products are categorized as cosmetics, but developed on the basis of scientific research to ensure their efficacy and safety at the time they are used. They are products with clinically proven active ingredients, with formulations designed from functional ingredients that care for and guard the skin from the first use.
Dermocosmetics have preventive functions that go beyond the outer beauty: they act on the causes of skin problems, reducing and even eliminating these dysfunctions. But without the pretense of treating diseases.

Dermocosmetics also have subcategories, such as Dermo-Bebês. In this case, the items have special formulations to care for, treat and preserve the baby's delicate skin. Unlike other cosmetic products in the current market, a Dermo-Baby has high skin and eye tolerance, which minimizes risks of allergic reactions and irritations.
They are products that undergo rigorous quality and efficacy tests before they reach the market and therefore offer safety from the first use. They have no preservatives, dyes, alcohol, parabenes, phthaates, phenoxyethanol, among other questionable ingredients. For babies and children, this is very important, since a Dermo-Bebê can be used from birth, always respecting the fragility of the skin of the little ones and preserving its natural barrier, different from a  cosmetic, which does not need  scientific  evaluation, for example.

Dermocosmetic or cosmetic: which one to choose?
By choosing a dermocosmetic, the customer is  purchasing  a product that has been  created in consideration  with the specificities of each skin – be it babies or mothers. Not to mention that the results of a dermocosmetic go  beyond  immediate effect, offering prolonged action that preserves skin health for much longer.
This is thanks to the scientific tests present in the formulation of a dermocosmetic:  Several researches  have been conducted to prove the benefits of natural ingredients such as avocado,sunflower, shea and aloe vera on delicate skins. These assets have special properties that care for, protect the skin of babies andchildren.


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