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Dassi-L the secret to the success of this product

In 2010, PMH understood that it was important to include in the hospital market, a high quality product for hydrating the patient's skin, because in hospitalization situations, for example, it is essential to always keep the patient's skin in excellent condition to avoid injuries and prevent a whole range of diseases associated with it.

In permanent and habitual contact with health professionals, and in closer contact with nurses with extensive experience in intensive care units, it was explained to us that “the skin is the first point of contact between the physical world and the people around us around us, thus protecting us from external aggressors by covering all tissues of the human body. It is also through the health of the skin and its degree of hydration that notions as important as well-being and self-esteem become evident. As the skin is the first semi-permeable barrier with the outside world, it maintains the balance of all necessary exchanges between internal and external means, such as adjusting the regulation of body temperature during sweating or even maintaining the body at a constant temperature (average 37º), regardless of the ambient temperature. And Dassi-L is an extremely advantageous product, thus meeting all the needs of our skin. Because daily hygiene habits, common today, make the skin drier, showing a greater need for hydration. The moment of the bath that, when carried out daily (and sometimes even more than once a day), leads to the removal of a layer of natural fat (facilitating the action of external aggressors), makes it more susceptible to these microorganisms . ”

Over time, and due to the positive feedback that is transmitted by hospital units nationwide, PMH decided to make this product more accessible, not only to hospital units, but also to all ordinary people, through our online store. In many cases, users need to continue treatments even after being discharged from the hospital, and resort to high-cost products with slow results in hydrating the skin. Being a product with high quality at the hospital level, it is indisputable to say that the moisturizing cream Dassi-L is excellent in hydrating any type of skin.
Let us see, for example, in the case of sportsmen who, due to their natural condition and physical wear, need to perform a higher number of daily baths, it becomes extremely important to replace skin hydration, a habit that is not as rooted as it should be.
The use of creams such as the Dassi-L moisturizing cream, which not only deeply moisturizes the skin of the entire body but also increases its elasticity, becomes a strong ally in maintaining the primordial functions.
Dassi-L moisturizing cream is composed of active ingredients from oat extract and vitamin E, with unique properties for emulsifying, toning and stimulating skin tissues.
Oats are a very complete and beneficial cereal for the organism thanks to their constitution in cable hydrates, vitamins and minerals.
Dassi-L moisturizing cream is especially suitable for children, the elderly and diabetics because it contains a neutral pH (5.5 ± 0.5).
There are currently three versions available for purchase (1000ml, 500ml and 100ml).
PMH recommends Dassi-L moisturizing cream for effective skin hydration.
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