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BE recommends investments and contracts for hospital pharmacies

The Left Block (BE) proposed to the Government to carry out a survey of needs in all hospital pharmacies of the National Health Service (SNS), both in terms of human resources and equipment and facilities, as well as the completion and opening of vacancies for the pharmaceutical residency.

Draft Resolution No. 2082 / XIII / 4th, presented by BE, recommends the Government to carry out a survey of the needs of professionals - pharmacists, senior diagnostic and therapeutic technicians, technical assistants and operational assistants - and investments in equipment and improvement of facilities in each of the hospital pharmacies in the units inserted in the NHS.
The legislative initiative intends to authorize the hiring of professionals necessary for the full functioning of hospital pharmaceutical services and to guarantee the budget allocation for the identified investments.

BE deputies also highlight the need to establish a boarding school with a view to specializing pharmacists, known as a pharmaceutical residency, calling for the opening of vacancies so that the training and professional development path of pharmacists is put into operation.

Based on public statements by the President of the Pharmaceutical Association, and its recent hearing at the Parliamentary Health Committee, in which it was accompanied by directors of Pharmaceutical Services from several public hospitals, BE highlights urgent needs in some units, giving concrete examples at the Centro Hospitalar de São João, at the Portimão Unit of the
Centro Hospitalar e Universitário do Algarve, at the Centro Hospitalar de Entre Douro e Vouga or at the Centro Hospitalar Vila Nova de Gaia / Espinho, further evoking the results of inspections carried out by Infarmed, which dictated the suspension of activities in several hospital pharmacies.

For the blockade deputies, "the issue is not resolved only with any streamlining of substitution processes due to temporary absence from work because in most cases what is needed is to proceed to new hires and to increase the staff maps of the institutions".

Click to access Draft Resolution No. 2082 / XIII / 4th.

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