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Alcohol 70% Antiseptic Gel w / hydrogen peroxide

Levigal Álcool Gel Hand Sanitizer is a gel, based on alcohol (70%), which allows a deep and highly effective disinfection of the hands.
Sanitizes and disinfects the hands against microorganisms on the skin. With a fast action and long lasting effect, it limits the risk of cross infections. With dermoprotective agents, it maintains the skin's natural hydration. Minimal skin irritation.
Ideal for effective hand disinfection.
Highly effective cutaneous disinfectant against skin microorganisms, which also guarantees healthy hydration.
Hand disinfection solution in 70% v / v alcohol gel, glycerin, 3% hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide) and gelling agent (HEC).
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500 ML
(VAT included at the rate of 23%)
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