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Alcohol Perfumed Sanitary Gel SPA 100ml

Broad antimicrobial spectrum
Rapid action due to the presence of alcoholic components and persistent effect provided by antimicrobial additives.
Easy application
After applying 40 seconds for hand hygiene, it evaporates quickly and shows great dermatological tolerance due to the presence of emollients in the formulation that prevent skin dryness.
S'nonas Hydroalcoholic Gel helps prevent or stop the growth of germs.
The ideal alternative for when soap and water cannot be used.
Application mode:
1. Apply the dispenser solution to your palm.
2. Rub your hands, palm to palm.
3. Rub your right palm with your left back and cross your fingers. And vice versa.
4. Rub your hands, palm to palm, with fingers intertwined.
5. Rub your fingertips with the tips of the opposite hand.
6. Rub your thumb inside with the opposite palm in rotating movements. And vice versa
7. Rub the palm of your hand in a rotating manner with the pads of the opposite hand.
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100 ML
(VAT included at the rate of 23%)
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